Hi! My name is Ekta Shokeen and I am a PhD candidate in University of Maryland’s College of Information Studies.

I believe that learning is a never-ending process, so I am always keen to learn and make learning an interesting experience for others. My deep interest to understand the learning process made me receive my undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Elementary Education from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University, India. To further enhance my understanding of the systemic issues in the education, I received my Master’s in Education from Tata Institute Social Sciences, India. My field experiences fascinated me and infused in me an urge to take on more practical work to bring a positive change. So, I started a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction at State University in New York, Albany but my interest in media-based learning and STEM education among youth further motivated me to undertake interdisciplinary research by pursuing a Ph.D. in the College of Information Studies. My current research interests focus on designing digital media with and for youth’s connected learning. In particular, I am interested in improving user experiences of digital resources from embodied cognition perspective. I foresee a lot of scope in this area both theoretically and experimentally. I am an active member of the Youth Experience Lab.

My research has been published in learning, information, and human computer interaction venues such as Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Specific Interest Group for Human Factors in Computing Systems (SIGCHI) and CHI PLAY. My work in CHI PLAY grew out of my research focus on youth’s play and game practices.

Email me at eshokeen [at] umd [dot] edu, follow me on my LinkedIn profile, or my YouTube channel.